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How to Hire an SEO Expert to Update Your Website Design

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Search engine optimisation or SEO has seen dramatic changes over the years. Every major change in Google’s algorithms affected a lot of businesses online. This means that websites have to keep up by having an expert who will tweak the website design each time the search giant does an update.

While there are no shortcuts on how to keep up with Google’s changing algorithms, you can always do the next best thing – hire an expert to help you stay on top of your game. Here are some of the best qualities to look for.

Rational Not Emotional

 In an online environment, sales will depend heavily on your search ranking. When you are in this boat, you need someone who can answer why the ranking dropped without hesitation.

Convincing Tone Whether the SEO Specialist is Speaking or Writing

The expert you hire should be someone who can convince you about what they do without alienating people who rank higher than them. You have to wait it out before you see improvements, but superiors have to know what the SEO expert is doing and why. 

Technical Skills

All SEO specialists need to have Excel skills and mastery of programs allowing them to analyse incoming links and website design elements. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are all useful for SEO.

Programming and technical code analysis can also be helpful. Improving website speed and server configuration are also helpful skills. 

Independent and Highly Motivated

SEO is a challenging field which is constantly evolving. Since artificial intelligence governs search algorithms, it’s necessary to have an SEO specialist who is willing to spend time to keep up with these changes.

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Interview Questions for Potential SEO Hires

If you are searching for an SEO expert, here are some of the questions you can ask.

Who have you worked with and how many customers are you servicing today?

A candidate’s portfolio matters, but it’s also crucial to look into what kind of relationship the specialist has with potential clients. Magicdust suggests using a company or provider with a large portfolio of relevant work and has a team that is happy to discuss what your goals are and answer any questions you have.

Short stints in SEO is a bad sign since these campaigns are long-term and getting hired only for a short time may indicate that something went wrong. 

How can you improve the website’s Google ranking?

An experienced candidate will have several suggestions after a quick visit to your website. If they did before the interview, it says something about their competence.

 Can you give an assurance that the website will be on top of the Google ranking?

Anyone who says that they can should be removed from your shortlist. An expert knows ranking is full of uncertainties, but they should have suggestions on how to leverage keywords to help your ranking.

How will you report results to the management?

The right candidate should first ask what you want to achieve. This will help them formulate the right metrics to use and how to report their progress to the management.

What will happen if we terminate your contract? How will this affect our ranking?

Anyone who answers directly that your ranking will suffer might be thinking of using blackhat

SEO to improve your rankings or buying spam links. The right person will emphasise the importance of having ongoing SEO campaigns to rank for keywords and to update your website design.

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