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How to Become a Professional 3D Modeller?

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A professional 3D Modeller is a dream job for many. But how many of you know the path to start your career as a 3D Modeller? Also, how do you find jobs as a 3D Modeller?

In this article, we have discussed how to become a professional 3D modeller and also where you can find 3D model jobs opportunity.

3D modelling is a multi-faceted career where you can work for many kinds of industries. While there is a lot of fun involved in this career, this can also be an extremely demanding one.

Pre-Requisites to Start with 3D Modelling

Undeniably, you must have a passion for computers to start your career in 3D Modelling. Also, if you are the kind of person who can visualise physical objects like football, a wallet or can opener, you can spin it in your mind and imagine how it looks like when it is a 3D object. This is the daily task done by the professional 3D modellers. Once you have the urge to learn 3D modelling, the next step would be to learn the software.

Software Required

Blender, Maya or 3Ds Max are the best software choices to learn about the required tools to design a high-quality 3D model. Many times, the software changes with individual’s preference and requirementsof the company.

Professionals recommend the open source software Blender as their personal choice as there is no barrier for entry. This software runs smooth on any machine (Windows or Mac). One of the coolest things about this software is that you will not require any license key or hard disk to carry it with you. It occupies very less space, and it can fit in a pen drive.

Resources to Learn

If you are using Blender to start your 3D modelling training, you can probably Google about the beginner’s courses and find many of them for free to learn. There are many institutes that offer training in this particular software, which is in high demand in the market.

Hope you have found a way to kick-start your 3D modelling career after reading this article. After completion of the course, you can find a lot of options for3D model jobs opportunity. All the best!!!

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