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Choosing Managed IT Services You Can Trust – TIG

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It seems the trend in the world of IT support these days is buying into the world of managed services, but because it’s often a price jump for many companies, understanding the reasons behind this trend is a must for many companies.

What Are Managed Services?

The concept behind managed services is a fairly simple one. It just means that you hand your IT operations off to another service provider. They work to monitor and manage all of your IT on a 24/7 basis. If there are problems, they handle them.

A Long History

Managed IT services aren’t really a new concept. For decades, small companies helped larger ones when equipment was malfunctioning, and those companies turned to them again and again for help. As more technology entered the corporate world, companies once more turned to them to help review logs, look at user information, install software updates, and more. Hardware and software vendors began to develop ways for systems to signal problems earlier than ever thought possible, and those companies handling the fixes to systems were suddenly able to better monitor problems and prevent breakdowns, even on a remote basis. Today, managed IT services are ubiquitous among large companies, and they’re fast becoming that way among the smaller companies as well.

Are Managed IT Services Right For You?

There are a number of reasons your company should consider managed IT services. Large or small, your company likely runs on technology. It’s not only what makes you tick, but it also helps you to operate at a more efficient level and compete with others in your industry. If you rely on IT, though, at some point it will need to be maintained, and that can overwhelm your staff fairly quickly. After all, you not only need to ensure you’re maintaining backups and installing patches, but you’ll also need to continually consider security. The chances are good that at some point, you’re going to face an outage, and for some companies, that could be disastrous.

That’s where managed services come into the picture. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, a managed services provider like TIG helps you prevent tech issues before they ever become a problem. Dealing with technology issues after they’ve created an outage or a security risk for your business only means the potential for real costs to your company. A managed IT service provider, though, can help to make certain that never happens.

Finding the Right Provider

To find the right provider, the first step is to look carefully at your equipment. Understanding what’s in your fleet will help you find a provider who specialises in networks or even industries like yours. You may also want to think about the type of maintenance you currently have. How long has it been since security patches were installed? How many of your PCs need memory maintenance? What does your disaster recovery plan look like? Sharing answers like these will help you find a provider who is a perfect fit for your company.

Choose TIG

TIG offers managed IT services on which you can rely. We offer outstanding customer service, insights your company can’t function without, and the technology to make it all happen remotely. We’re always available, and we’re ready to help your company now. Learn more when you contact us today.

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