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Cannabis- All You Need to Know

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Cannabis is product derived from the cannabis sativa plant. It can be used for medicinal purposes or as a psychoactive drug. The product contains several psychoactive compounds called cannabinoids with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the primary psychoactive compound. Cannabis is used for both leisure and medical purposes.

Other names

Cannabis has several other names. They include marijuana, pot, grass, Mary Jane, Dope, brew, joints, hash, hooch, weed, reefers, ganja, smoke, cones, mull, Buddha, hydro, herb, hay, yarndi, etc. The names differ among countries and age groups.

Recreational use

Most users use cannabis to experience a sense of euphoria and relaxation. Cannabis can alter the mood of an individual and affect the way a person thinks or perceives the surroundings.

Medicinal use

Medical cannabis is used to treat illness or ease symptoms. There is little scientific research concerning the use of cannabis for medicinal purpose. Marijuana is used as antiemetic during chemotherapy. It can sometimes is used to manage muscle spasms and chronic pain.

There are diverse ways of consuming cannabis including vaporization, smoking, as an extract or within food.


Cannabis may be rolled and smokes as joint or blunt. Some users smoke marijuana using hookahs, bongs, and pipes. Variations are observed in the parts of the plants used and the method of preparation before smoking and sometimes the treatment of smoke prior to inhalation. Some people place a pile of cannabis plants on fire and inhale the smoke. The effect of smoking is almost immediately but dies off after a short time.

Oral Consumption of Cannabis

This method is an alternative to smoking and inhalation and can be used in food or drinks. Oral use ensures all the components enter the body.

  • In food

Some users consume raw hashish or mix it with boiling water. However, the efficiency of absorption of cannabinoids into the blood stream improves when combined lipid products such as butter. The onset of the effect varies with stomach content but is usually an hour or two after consumption. The effect prolongs for a significant period. Cannabis is infused into edible food items such as cookies, candies, brownies, gummies, and chocolates.

  • In beverage

Cannabis can be infused into alcohol often using low potent parts of the stems and leaves of Cannabis plant. Some used it as marijuana tea. Cannabis is slightly soluble in water an amount sufficient to make mildly psychoactive tea. The use of milk overcomes the challenge of partial dissolution of cannabinoids. The fat in milk makes THC dissolve making. Therefore, bhang is effective when used in beverages containing milk.


This method entails the use of a vaporizer which heats the herbs causing the psychoactive constituents to evaporate into gas. The plant material does not burn. If you wish to purchase vaporizers, you can view these products online

Forms of Cannabis

Cannabis is used in three primary forms;

  • Marijuana

Marijuana is derivative of the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Users either smoke marijuana or incorporate it in foods such as cookies and cakes. This form of cannabis is the least potent.

  • Hashish

The cannabis plant secretes a resin or gum called hashish. The harvested gum is desiccated and pressed into small chunks. Hashish can be smoked or eaten when added to food.

  • Hash oil

This is the most potent of the cannabis products. It is thick oil derived from hashish. Hash oil is consumed through smoking.

Cannabis goes by many street names. Majorly it is used for recreational use and comes in different forms such as hashish, marijuana, and hash oil. The three ways of using cannabis including vaporization, in foods and beverages and smoking.

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