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Airbnb Management With Vacation Rental Software check list

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As a property manager or rental owner, you probably deal with numerous Airbnb management challenges. Apart from the regular tasks, you have to ensure that every property is making enough money to guarantee considerable profits. However, managing multiple rental investments is not easy, and the challenges are not limited to ROI factors alone.

Over the years, the demand for rental properties has magnified, but this has also amplified competition between rental property owners. It’s not enough to get your property listed and track Airbnb income. You have to find ways to manage other factors, so that the occupancy rate is maintained throughout the year. This is precisely where vacation rental software can be handy.

Knowing the basics

As the name suggests, vacation rental software systems are designed for better property management, especially for owners and property managers, who have several assets in consideration. There are quite a few options, depending on the type of features you want, but most of these systems are created with the same purpose and customer segment in mind. You will find specific software for Airbnb business, and there are options for other platforms, as well.

Things you must check

  • Dashboard for property management. With the right vacation rental software, you can expect an ‘easy to manage’ dashboard, where all your bookings and other relevant information will be sorted in a presentable manner.
  • Consolidated inbox. Multiple properties, numerous guests, and endless messages – How do you deal with all of that? Well, you get a consolidated inbox, which will keep everything in place, so that you can maintain regular communication, without missing a point.
  • Easy integration. With vacation rental software, you can expect to ease the process of integration for the same platform. For example, if you have multiple listings on Airbnb, an advanced system will ensure that the information, data, and numbers are merged efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Regular automated notifications. What’s the point of having a system, if you cannot get regular notifications on your bookings? Well, most of the current systems allow property managers to have direct access to updated information. Every time there’s a change in booking or someone has made a payment, you can expect to see a popup on your screen.
  • Frequent updates. With time, you will need more features for managing properties, and good software systems are designed to offer these updates. Some of the improvement updates are free, while you might need to pay for selected new features.
  • Adequate support. If you are new to vacation rental software, you probably don’t know much about the features, interface and usability factors. Expect the developers to offer a simplified demo of the product, besides offering support for further integration.
  • Free trial period. In an attempt to promote their product, many developers often of a free trial period for the software. Extending between 7 and 30 days, this period allows you to experience the features and interface, without paying a massive sum right away.

Check online to find the best options for Airbnb management, and don’t forget to compare the features!

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