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5 Ways to Make Your Website More Reliable and Trustworthy

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Starting a website is easy, gaining readership and followers is the challenging part.

If you wish to have a successful website whether e-commerce site, lifestyle blog, food blog, review site or others, you must gain readership and solid followers. And do not think that this is a simple task because it is not. You should be patient, hard-working, resourceful, wise and meticulous to be able to do this. The simple recipe for gaining followers and readers is to make your website reliable and trustworthy.

In this article, we will give you tips on how you will upgrade your website not only to become a high-ranking and search engine friendly site but most especially, be reliable and trustworthy for your target audience.

Here are some practices that you must observe:

  1. Make your website secured with SSL certificate – SSL or secure sockets layer is the standard security technology used to establish a secured and encrypted connection between a browser and a server which is your website. If you notice, most sites these days use ‘https’ rather than ‘http’, which means that the website has SSL certificate. More and more users are becoming meticulous and wise. They check if a website they engage with has SSL certificate especially if it’s an e-commerce site where bank transactions are often made. If users see that the site is secured and has a verified site seal, then they become more at ease and comfortable in browsing through the site.
  1. Set up a ‘Contact us’ page – users need to know that when something goes wrong, they can contact the webmaster. Thus, make sure to set up a contact us page containing your details like email address, phone number, office address and a short bio of yourself as the website owner.
  1. Update contents regularly – it is also essential to update your site regularly with new posts whether an article, video, photos and others. Users should see that the site is updated and a real person is indeed managing the site. There are a lot of untrustworthy websites that just publish posts with spammy links. Of course, you do not want your site to look like that so keep updating your website with fresh and relevant articles.
  1. Interact with your readers – try to be as engaging as possible. You should reply to comments and exchange thoughts and opinions with them. They will definitely appreciate an engaging conversation and feel confident with the website owner.
  1. Link your social media sites – lastly, make sure you link your social media accounts so your audience can follow you and know what you are usually into. Social media is the perfect way to gain followers and readers as well as gain their support and trust.

Gaining readers is challenging but to be able to have their trust and keep them on your site, you need to convince them that your website is secured, trust-worthy, and reliable. Once you accomplished this, you will surely be successful in gaining a vast readership. Do not rely so much on the traffic but instead, you must ask yourself, do you have quality readers who read and even reply or the traffic is high, but they don’t actually stay on your site with the original purpose? Do not fall into the trap of irresponsible internet marketing. Do it the right way, and in time, you will be able to see the fruit of your hard work.

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