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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Security Cameras

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Security cameras are an important and invaluable investment. You may buy the best components of surveillance systems, but if they are not installed properly, then they are not likely to meet their purpose and will be a waste.

Here are 5 common mistakes that can be avoided at the time of installing security cameras:

  1. Less Cameras- Sometimes it may happen that you want to cover a large area with the security camera, but the number of cameras that you have installed may not be sufficient. A single camera usually covers less area and if you zoom out to capture a wide area, then the resolution becomes less and the images become pixelated. So, if you have to cover a large area, then do not depend on the ‘zoom out’ option, but rather install more cameras.
  2. Wrong Positioning- An important thing to be kept in mind is that the security camera must be installed at the right angle for the best results. Make sure that the camera does not point at the ground. Also, ensure that there is no obstruction as this would give way to Hikvision security breach. You must also make sure that the camera must not face an excessive source of light. Otherwise all the images captured will be blurry.
  3. Not Properly Understanding Wireless Cameras- Most people think that wireless cameras mean that the cameras have no wire at all. However, this is not true. All wireless cameras have one power cable (that is the Ethernet cable). You can also opt for cameras that operate on batteries, but changing the batteries from time to time can also be a hectic task. Therefore, cameras with just one power cable are more feasible.
  4. Forgetting the Password- Another common mistake made by people is forgetting their password. You must pick a camera that asks the user for a secret key to operate the camera and make any transformations in its configuration. You can also set up double encryption so that in case you forget one password, the other password can help you operate the security camera.
  5. No Remote Access- Remote access is an important feature of security cameras, and therefore you must make sure that the security camera you install has this feature. For remote access of feeds, you have to make sure that the security camera has access to internet so that it can transfer the feed from one remote location to another remote location.

Thus, make sure that you avoid making all these mistakes at the time of installing the security cameras so that your security is not compromised in any way.

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