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10 Assured Tips For Promoting An Office Cleaning Company!

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The maintenance and upkeep of commercial premises is not a choice for corporations, enterprises, and businesses. Well-maintained offices feel welcoming and create a good impression on guests and customers, and businesses will never want to compromise on that. This surely means good news for office cleaning services Melbourne. If you own a small business that offers office and commercial cleaning services, we have 10 tips for advertising and marketing your company.

  1. Place ads. Yes, newspaper and local ads still work wonders. You just need to be regular with your ads, and if you can offer new deals every month, it’s an added advantage.
  1. Create the right branding elements. A company, regardless of the industry, needs a logo, name, and a website. You must be creative as far as brand slogan and punch-line is concerned.
  1. Make a robust website. Office managers and corporate firms often look for services online, and you need to have a website that offers easy access to your services.

  1. Pay for SEO. Don’t ignore the power of online marketing, which can change things for your business within a couple of months. Hire a digital agency that can handle the job for a fixed monthly price.
  1. Cut the profit margins. Customers like discounts and deals, and if you are a new company, you have to reduce the margins, so as to offer better options for new clients.
  1. Go social. It’s often believed that commercial cleaning companies don’t need the social media, which isn’t true. Make sure that you have a Facebook and Twitter page, where you can address customer queries.
  1. Choose personal promotions. Door-to-door advertising might be out of vogue, but you can still send your sales team to offices to share deals, business cards and other promotional materials.
  1. Pay for email marketing. In commercial setups, people who give cleaning jobs are managers, supervisors, floor coordinators, and building managers, and you can easily each of them on email. Just make sure that you don’t spam with too many mails.

  1. Create a blog. If you want your customer to return to your website, you must maintain a blog. Try to offer free tips and suggestions and highlight your services, without directly promoting deals and offers.
  1. Finally, be personal. Commercial clients like services and office cleaners Melbourne that take regular feedback and are communicative. Marketing your company will be easy if you maintain good relationships on the field.

Start planning the marketing campaign now!

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